Termite Control

Termite Control



The first and most important thing to remember is “Don’t Panic”. The only good thing about termites is they work very slowly. After your home or business is treated for termites the treating company will return once a year to do a full inspection. There is a reason why we only inspect once a year, and that is because the amount of damage and activity from year to year is generally very minor. This means you have plenty of time to gather estimates and make an educated decision about the company that will provide the treatment, and the company you will most likely have a long term relationship in the protection of your property. However, if left untreated Termites can have a devastating effect on your home or commercial building. To prevent damage caused by termites, talk to Gecko Pest Control today to get rid of termites and ensure that they do not return. Our team of trained professionals can determine exactly the right method to eliminate these harmful pests, and what areas to target for proper treatment.

Termite Inspection

The first step to eliminating your termite problem will be an inspection. Gecko Pest Control offers a no-obligation inspection of your property to create a detailed plan of action. We will recommend to you the treatments we think most necessary to handle your problem.

Termite Treatment

Gecko Pest Control employees are Termidor Certified Professionals. Termidor is Americas #1 termite defense product. Our Perimeter Plus Approach provides a treatment of the exterior soil, pus treatment of any active areas inside the structure. This system is a proven and highly effective method of killing termites and preventing further infestations. By using a liquid non-repellent, the product is transferred from termite to termite, providing total colony elimination.

How Does Termidor Work?

When we determine that you have a termite infestation, we start by creating an exterior barrier. This involves digging a trench around the outside of the structure. We flood this trench with the liquid Termidor treatment and refill the trench. The Termidor treatment bonds with the soil to create a long-lasting barrier against infestation. Termites take the treatment along and pass it to other termites, which kills them all after a brief period of time. It can kill by ingestion or simply through contact. Either way, the termites are soon exterminated.

The exterior treatment is only one phase of treatment. For areas of infestation on the inside, we use tools like wall foam injections, a foam similar in consistency to shaving cream that is injected into the interior walls to soak the wood. When the termites try to consume the wood, they are killed. In some cases, we may also use bait systems placed in the ground outside. Our experts at Gecko Pest Control can determine which methods are required to solve your specific problem.

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"Scheduling was a breeze. Technician was punctual and knowledgeable. Treatment was very thorough and started producing results immediately. Price was great for the level of treatment you get and follow-ups to come included. Will be recommending highly to the residents of Marshall, TX. Night and day difference from dealing with Terminex in the past. Thank you!"

Glenn, B

"Gecko Pest Control has been effective, punctual, polite, pleasant, and unobtrusive while servicing my home and our family business. I could not expect any better service from any pest control service. The owner, Daren, focuses on excellence in every detail of his business."

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