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our pest control service

our pest control service



The sheer number of potential invading species in residential and commercial buildings alike requires extensive knowledge of the various pest threats, as well as the correct treatment to keep those intruders out.

Let Gecko Pest Control identify and correct your pest problem, so you can remain worry and pest-free.

prevent ant infestations in your home with gecko pest control

Ant Control

gecko pest control can remove wasps from your property

Wasp & Bee Control

Gecko Pest Control can identify the threatening bee and wasp varieties on your property and determine the best method of eliminating the problem.

Looking for protection against these species? Gecko Pest Control can help:

  • Bees (including Carpenter Bees)
  • Wasps (including Paper Wasps)
  • Hornets
  • Yellow Jackets

We can help eliminate hives of yellow jackets, a predatory species that commonly nests in the ground. Our technicians have access to full-protection bee suits, which allow us to deal with problem infestations so that you don’t have to. Talk to Gecko Pest Control first, so that we can pinpoint the threat.

Let the Honeybees Live!

It is important to note that of the most common problems we see is the misidentification of honeybees as a threatening and invasive species. Taking action without consulting a professional causes even greater problems, since honeybee populations are on the decline. This is a dangerous trend for continued plant and flower pollination, one of the central processes of the world’s ecological system. In the event that we find honeybees on a customer’s property, we take steps to safely remove the bees and relocate them so that they can continue to do their vital work for a healthy environment.

get advanced flea and tick control with gecko pest control

Flea & Tick Control

The Texas heat makes fleas and ticks two difficult species to control without professional assistance. Prevention methods, such as flea and tick medications applied to your dogs and cats, can help prevent an infestation, but once in your home, getting rid of them can be troublesome.

One of the most difficult aspects of this pest is that they can hibernate as a larvae in your carpet, waiting to feel the vibrations caused by movement to hatch and attach to a host. This is why many people experience can an infestation after returning from vacation, since the larval fleas have been waiting for a host to appear, in the form of your pet or even human beings.

Our technicians can identify if you have a flea infestation with a basic inspection. In the event that you have a problem with fleas and/or ticks, we recommend that you pick up all items (as much as possible) off the floor. Vacuum and damp mop floors prior to professional treatment. Take out vacuum cleaner bag. Mow lawn. Stay out of the house and off the yard for at least one hour after the treatment. If your yard has a dirt surface, water the areas that do not have grass prior to treatment so our product will sit on the surface long enough to eliminate the existing flea population. Treating your house, pets, and yard all at the same time is the most effective method to ensure the elimination of all existing flea and ticks.

gecko pest control uses advanced mistaway systems to kill mosquitos

Mosquito Control

To control and abate mosquito populations, an effective treatment system is required. Gecko Pest Control is proud to say that we are relied upon to provide the tools and service for the mosquito abatement programs in the cities of Marshall and Jefferson, Texas. Our technicians regularly conduct fogging treatments in Marshall and Jefferson to help control the mosquito population in the public areas of both cities.

For our residential and commercial customers alike, we offer two different programs to help kill mosquitoes and prevent them from returning:

MistAway Systems for Automatic Effective Treatment

The innovative solution offered by MistAway Systems features an automatic system to control the mosquito population around your property. By using a botanically derived chemical that kills immediately before rapid degradation renders it harmless, MistAway Systems provide a safe yet effective treatment program that is harmful only to mosquitoes.

As a registered dealer of MistAway Systems, Gecko Pest Control has the expertise to install the automatic system for maximum effectiveness. We can inspect your property and design a custom placement arrangement, killing mosquitoes at the source and protecting your yard, pool, and patio with one automated system! With more than 40,000 units in operation in Texas and the surrounding states, MistAway Systems provides the modern and effective method of mosquito control. Prices start at $2500 for protection of a 0.25 acre property. Talk to our office today for a consultation and detailed estimate.

Conventional Mosquito Treatment Program

Our conventional system relies upon regular fogging applications of safe but effective products. Every 21 days, our technicians will visit to apply the treatments to your shrubbery and other areas of harborage, killing mosquito where they live. Our backpack fogging systems allow us greater mobility without disturbing your property. This solution is a tried and tested method, and is a less costly approach to mosquito control. We can provide commercial and residential properties with regular applications to keep populations to an absolute minimum with our guaranteed mosquito control program.

stop your roach infestation with gecko pest control in marshall texas Roach Control

Cockroaches are a commonly despised pest, and can carry a number of bacteria, as well as cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks in certain individuals. Gecko Pest Control can provide expert help in controlling roach infestations, with numerous treatments like baits and non-repellents that will be tracked back to kill all of the pests at the source of the problem. Quarterly service visits are most commonly sufficient for problems with cockroaches, but occasionally monthly service is recommended. Talk to our office today for more information and help.

gecko pest control will identify the source of infestation to rid your home of spidersSpider Control

Treating the invasions of spiders can be especially difficult without professional assistance. Unlike most pests, which walk along regular surfaces, spiders in their webs cannot be eliminated without direct contact. The eradication of spiders from a home or business is one of the most common requests we receive. Our technicians can identify the spiders you have in order to recommend the most effective treatment plan. Most problems can be solved with quarterly visits by our technicians, but more aggressive problems may require monthly service. Treatments are applied regularly to the exterior and as required on the interior of your property. Talk to us today for help in managing spiders.

for help with other pests contact gecko pest control in marshall texas

Occasional Invaders

Have a pest problem not described by any of the other categories? Gecko Pest Control can still help. If you have problems with occasional invaders—creatures that cannot and do not regularly live inside buildings—we can help control and eliminate them. We can help with invaders such as:

  • Clover Mites
  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Pill Bugs
  • Earwigs
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Boxelder Bugs
  • Ladybugs
  • Scorpions
  • Silverfish
  • Firebrats
  • Springtails
  • Water Bugs
  • Lice
  • Dirt Daubers
  • Crickets
  • Silverfish
  • Beetles (including Ground & Carpet Beetles)
  • Moths
  • Weevils

From scorpions to silverfish, beetles to weevils, we can provide you with the advice and solutions you need. Talk to our office today to have a technician identify your problem and get a resolution even faster.

trying to identify your pest?

Visit our Pest Library for images and information.

harmless wildlife removal

Pests are not always restricted to insect invaders. Occasionally, larger animals can become trapped or make their home in your home. To remove this problem, all you need to do is contact Gecko Pest Control, where our team is trained to capture without killing. We always focus on removal without harm, by live trapping the problem animal and relocating it to another habitat, a solution that many large pest control companies to not employ.

gecko pest control can safely remove pests from your home Bat Control

Bats find shelter in a number of places that can be inconvenient for humans. In addition to being a nuisance in an urban area, bats can carry diseases dangerous to household pets, like rabies.

At Gecko Pest Control, we have experience in evicting bats from unwanted places. Our solutions include strictly nonlethal irritants, such as a capsaicin and mineral oil compound that irritates bats without harming them. Derived from hot peppers, the compound is nontoxic, and simply causes the bats to decide not to return to the shelter they previously sought. Instead, the bats will choose to make their home elsewhere. If you have problems with bats, let us safely remove them without harm. Talk to our office for more information.

let gecko pest control help you safely remove the occasional invader

Small Animals

You may find that small animals, such as raccoons, skunks, or even opossums can find their way into your garage, or under a deck, or in other inconvenient places on your property, such as heating ducts.

Raccoons can be especially troublesome, since they commonly seek warm shelters during the winter months and can be secondary carriers of fleas and ticks. Getting rid of them as soon as possible prevents an infestation of these pests from infecting your household pets. Skunks and their powerfully scented spray glands can be unpleasant for everyone, and opossums, like raccoons, can tear into garbage looking for food or even become dangerously aggressive to your household pets.

At Gecko Pest Control, we employ have-a-heart live traps to capture these problem animals and safely relocate them to a new habitat where they can live without coming into conflict with humans.

gecko uses live baiting in marshall texas and the surronding areas

Rodent Control

Rodents, from rats and mice to squirrels and chipmunks, can find their way into small spaces in your home or business, making their home in places where you do not want them. With our no-kill traps, we capture these animals and relocate them. This allows the animal to live and prevents you from having a dead animal somewhere inside your building at the same time, allowing everyone to go on as nature intended.

geckos bird deterrent solutions can keep birds away from your business

Bird Control

Roosting and nesting birds can become a pest around your home or business. Gecko Pest Control provides a variety of exclusion, trapping and bird deterrent solutions. Our trained technicians will inspect and recommend the proper solution for your individual situation. Call Gecko Pest Control today.

gecko uses live baits in marshall texas to not harm any critters

Live Animal Trapping

Gecko Pest Control regularly provides trapping services for Opossums, Skunks, Raccoons and Squirrels. If you live in the city limits consult your cities animal control department, and you may find they provide this service free of charge. However, if you are not in the city limits, or if you require the services of trained professionals with years of experience, call us to live trap and release these varmints.

"Scheduling was a breeze. Technician was punctual and knowledgeable. Treatment was very thorough and started producing results immediately. Price was great for the level of treatment you get and follow-ups to come included. Will be recommending highly to the residents of Marshall, TX. Night and day difference from dealing with Terminex in the past. Thank you!"

Glenn, B

"Gecko Pest Control has been effective, punctual, polite, pleasant, and unobtrusive while servicing my home and our family business. I could not expect any better service from any pest control service. The owner, Daren, focuses on excellence in every detail of his business."

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