make sure your business is pest free with gecko pest control in marshall texas

Commercial Service

Commercial Service

Commercial Pest Control

Marshall TX and surrounding counties

Your facilities give your potential customers the first impression of you and your business. When they come into your commercial space, they should see shiny tile floors or nice, clean carpet, along with a tidy counter, free of clutter. And as your guests greet your smiling face, the last thing you need is a mouse skittering across the floor.

Maintain an Inviting Space

Commercial Pest Control for your Marshall, Texas business is a must to ensure that the only guests you see in your commercial space are the ones who are meant to be there.

We understand customer service. Our effort to serve you serves your customers. When we come into your facility, we realize that our reputation is your reputation. This is how we continue to win the “Hometown Best” award for Pest and Termite Service Company.

Insect & Bug Control

Insects and bugs are among the most hated and disgusting pests you can deal with, and you can be sure that your customers will agree. Whether it’s something as ghastly as roaches or spiders, or more of a nuisance like ants or ladybugs, we’ll make sure you never have to apologize for an untimely encounter.

Rodent Control

This day and age, rodent control is a no-brainer. Apart from the fear that these critters incite in many people, the health hazards are even worse. Nothing will turn off new customers more than catching a furry little beast running along your baseboards.

Harmless Wildlife Removal

Along with the traditional pests for which we provide effective preventive maintenance, you may have an occasional encounter with a wild animal that has simply wandered in somehow. Once you get over the initial fright and surprise of seeing an animal inside your business, give us a call to have the intruder safely and humanely removed—without killing.

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"Scheduling was a breeze. Technician was punctual and knowledgeable. Treatment was very thorough and started producing results immediately. Price was great for the level of treatment you get and follow-ups to come included. Will be recommending highly to the residents of Marshall, TX. Night and day difference from dealing with Terminex in the past. Thank you!"

Glenn, B

"Gecko Pest Control has been effective, punctual, polite, pleasant, and unobtrusive while servicing my home and our family business. I could not expect any better service from any pest control service. The owner, Daren, focuses on excellence in every detail of his business."

Preston, T